Monday, April 8, 2013

OSPAPPH Annual Membership Renewal

It is that time of year again! We are requesting that Health Units renew their membership with OSPAPPH by June 3rd, 2013. Click to access our Membership Registration Form and Membership Renewal Invoice.

Important Note About Membership Fee Increase

The OSPAPPH Executive and Membership are celebrating a very productive and successful term! Some of the highlights include:

- Completion of deliverables for our Heart & Stroke Foundation SPARK grant – key message documents for physical literacy and access to recreation and a draft provincial advocacy strategy

- Engaging our members and stakeholders in development and refinement of the key messages and advocacy strategy

- Participation in the OPHA Chronic Disease Prevention Work Group recommendations to the Healthy Kids Panel

- Submitting our own recommendations to the Healthy Kids Panel

- Submitting comments on the provincial Cycling Strategy

- Submitting comments to the provincial government on Modernizing Childcare in Ontario

- An invitation to be a partner on OCGHEPA’s provincial physical activity strategy

- An invitation to partner on with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario on a research project to develop a physical literacy screening tool.

As our Executive examined our financial situation over the past year, we have determined that our annual expenses (one in-person Executive planning meeting/year, accountant fees to conduct the annual financial review to meet our incorporation requirements, website domain name renewal, teleconference support) are more than we bring in from current Health Unit membership fees.

In our next fiscal year, we want to build on our current momentum by continuing with the work we have laid out in our provincial advocacy strategy to move the priorities of physical literacy and access to recreation forward. This involves keeping our membership engaged through the established working groups and will require maintaining our teleconference line.

We recognize and appreciate the tremendous in-kind contributions that our Executive members’ Health Units provide each year that allow us to keep our membership fees low. In-kind support includes monthly Executive teleconference support, travel for the in-person meeting and staff time.

After careful consideration, the Executive has decided to increase the annual membership fee from $100/year for each Health Unit to $150/year for each Health Unit. This will help to ensure our Society is financially sustainable and can continue to build on the successful engagement of our membership. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor our finances to ensure we are fiscally responsible and remain sustainable.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement with OSPAPPH.
OSPAPPH Executive