Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Request from ParticipACTION

Hello OSPAPPH members,

Please read the message below for a request from our partners at ParticipACTION:
Dear ParticipACTION Network Member,

ParticipACTION is continuing the campaign to BRING BACK PLAY in Canada – to get kids out to play the way their parents did when they were young - because play is an accessible, affordable, and fantastic way to move kids towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Unfortunately active play is not taking place the way it once did. The reasons that have led to the demise of active play in Canada are often cited as lack of time, safety concerns, the proliferation of digital games, and bad weather.

We want to give Canadian parents the right tools and information they need to be able to break down these barriers that are holding kids back from play, and get Canadian children back out into the playgrounds, backyards and parks on a regular basis.

Sharing Content on Safety in Active Play

There are many organizations and individuals doing excellent work in Canada to promote physical activity. ParticipACTION firmly believes that by combining efforts and sharing resources we can make more of an impact on addressing the inactivity crisis together.

Does your organization have resources that can be shared? We are looking for existing tools, to help parents address safety concerns related to active play, that ParticipACTION can make available to those who come to our website.

Tools that may exist could include;
  • Tips on street proofing children
  • Playground safety recommendations
  • How to create a regular supervised playgroup
If your organization has relevant safety content or tools that we can offer to Canadian parents, please contact Rachel Shantz, Marketing Manager, at

Together we can all Bring Back Play and get Canada moving!


Your OSPAPPH Executive