Friday, December 13, 2013

Requests from OSPAPPH Members

Dear OSPAPPH Members,

Two of our members are requesting information on physical activity related topics.  Please connect with them directly if you are able to help:

DPA information request from Thunder Bay District Health Unit
We are currently working on assisting our local school boards in getting DPA to be more of an everyday occurrence.

We know that the PHO is currently working on a DPA evaluation. Our manager, Silva Sawula, is in the process of requesting a consult with the researchers involved in that work so that we can gain a better understanding of what they've discovered.

We wondered if you could put out a request to the members of OSPAPPH to find out if there has been any investigative work taking place.

We are wondering:

1. What are the barriers that other school boards are encountering in terms of implementation.

2. Has there been any successful programs that have been utilized and if so, have they been evaluated (or how are they measuring success?)
Contact Stasia Starr by email stasia(dot)starr(at)tbdhu(dot)com or by phone at 807-625-5979.

Cycling to School Program Request from Region of Peel Public Health

Has anyone has developed, delivered and evaluated a comprehensive cycling program (including promotion, education and skill building) to encourage cycling to and from school?

Please contact Nicole Britten, Health Promoter with Peel Public Health at Nicole(dot)Britten(at)peelregion(dot)ca or via phone at 905-791-7800 x2056.
Members, if you have any information requests that you would like shared with the OSPAPPH membership, please don't hesitate to contact your regional representative or send us an email.
Your OSPAPPH Executive