Monday, September 15, 2014

Who is responsible for ensuring the development of physical literacy?

Many individuals and sectors play a role in ensuring the development of physical literacy.  However, it is OSPAPPH's belief that the Education sector holds a pivotal role.  The Ontario Ministry of Education:
  • Oversees all publicly funded schools and licensed childcare settings in Ontario.
  • Is committed to high-quality instruction and programs.
  • Has identified physical literacy as an outcome objective of the Ontario Health & Physical Education curriculum.

Children and youth across Ontario should be afforded the same opportunity to develop a solid foundation to help them lead healthy and active lives.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has a vital role to play in ensuring the development of physical literacy in children and youth and must ensure that educational environments are conducive to physical literacy development. 

Physical literacy should be held to the same standard as literacy and numeracy.
The Ontario Society of Physical Activity Promoters in Public Health (OSPAPPH) proposes a set of six policy recommendations for the Ontario Ministry of Education to address physical literacy. 
Read our Physical Literacy Key Messages document and stay tuned for an opportunity to lend your support.

Your OSPAPPH Executive