Thursday, October 9, 2014

We Need Your Support!

Members and Partners,

Today marks the launch of OSPAPPH's advocacy efforts to ensure physical literacy is made a priority in education and childcare settings.

Through consultation with our members and other key stakeholders, physical literacy has been identified as a public health priority for physical activity.  In response, OSPAPPH has developed key messages for public health as well as identified a number of policy recommendations that we believe would help to address the urgent need to ensure the development of physical literacy.

We know that children today are not physically active enough.  Less than 10% of children and youth are actually meeting minimum physical activity requirements for health.  We also know that children who are physically inactive are more likely to become physically inactive adults. 

OSPAPPH has identified the Ontario Ministry of Education as having a primary role and responsibility in ensuring the development of physical literacy. Physical literacy should be held to the same standard as literacy and numeracy.  Although physical literacy is identified as a main goal of the revised Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, it is currently not measured. The Ontario Ministry of Education needs to act promptly to ensure that education and childcare settings are environments that support children to develop physical literacy.

OSPAPPH is urging you to lend your voice to this important public health issue!  To lend your support, please sign the  statement of endorsement and scan and send it to OSPAPPH by email to chalalonde [at] eohu [dot] ca or by fax at 613-933-7930 (attention: Chantal Lalonde).

Let's help our children build a solid foundation for a physically active life!

Your OSPAPPH Executive