Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why we're focusing on Physical Literacy

I was going to write up some great big post on why we decided to focus our advocacy efforts on physical literacy but an article recently published in the Globe and Mail builds a great case.  As Richard Monette puts it:  

"It is hard to believe that we have arrived at a point where we need to help children learn to move, but here we are. It is time to take on the task and help our kids. It takes a village to teach the right skills essential to a better life."

Our call to the Ontario Ministry of Education to support the development of physical literacy is in response to this unfortunate truth.  Physical activity is an important public health issue and as a society, OSPAPPH believes that more can and should be done to ensure that education and childcare settings are environments where children can learn how to move with confidence and competence and provide them with a solid foundation for a physically active life.

To add your name to our advocacy effort, download our official endorsement statement, sign it and email or fax it to Chantal Lalonde  by March 15th 2015.

Actively Yours,

OSPAPPH Executive